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Modules are customized to provide you with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to succeed not just in your current role but prepare and mould you for future roles as well 


Our holistic coaching will help you to improve productivity, enhance effectiveness, visibility, and elevate leadership presence by enhanced Voice quality to acquire an authoritative voice needed for Leaders 


We offer customized consulting solutions tailored to the organization's specific needs. We will work with you to develop a program.

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Welcome to Sumitra's Executive Communication Hub

Smart Speak is an integrated Leadership program aimed at empowering executives, mid-level managers, and team leads with tips, techniques, strategies, and real-time approaches to accelerate their career growth and elevate their leadership presence in the workplace. This program strives to develop charismatic leaders with vision, compassion, clarity, and conviction not just as impactful communicators but implementers as well.

Our Niche Programs are: 

Responsive Interpersonal Executive 


Impactful Presentations 

Executive Emotional Mastery 

 Executive Communication Hub

"You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can't get them across, your ideas won't get you anywhere." – Lee Iacocca

It is essential for executives to have excellent communication skills and the ability to effectively communicate with all levels of the organization.

Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

We understand that every business has unique needs and challenges. That's why we strive to provide tailored solutions to meet your individual requirements.

Responsive Interpersonal Executive
Communication Program

Responsive interpersonal executive communication is the ability to effectively interact with others in a professional setting, with the ultimate goal of achieving desired results. It involves understanding the needs, interests, and motivations of others and being able to effectively respond to their needs and concerns in a way that results in the best possible outcome for the organization. 

Improved customer service

Enhanced team collaboration

Increased decision-making speed

"Stand Out from the Crowd: Master Responsive Interpersonal Executive Communication!"

"Transform Your Presentations skills and Make a Lasting Impact!"

Impactful Presentations Program

The Impactful Presentations Blueprint is designed to help you learn the tools, techniques, and strategies needed to create powerful, effective presentations that have a lasting impact. Through interactive lessons, hands-on activities, and real-life examples, this program provides the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver powerful presentations with confidence. The Program, helps you master crafting and delivering compelling presentations with a confident and authoritative voice to ensure your success both in professional and personal endeavors.

Improved confidence and poise in public speaking

 Improved ability to create visuals that focus on key points

Improved ability to communicate complex concepts in a clear and concise way

Executive Emotional Mastery Program

The Emotional Mastery Program is designed to help executives uplevel their emotional intelligence and gain focus with the help of mindfulness and Smile techniques and Vipassana meditation for a professional setting. Through this program, executives can learn the techniques and strategies necessary to create positive outcomes in their interactions with colleagues, clients, and other stakeholders in a mindful manner. Participants will explore the neuroscience of emotions, gain insight into their own emotional responses, and learn how to effectively be stress free to respond maturely whatever the situation or whoever it may be.

Enhanced emotional intelligence

Improved decision-making

Increased Focus and Productivity

 Improved Interpersonal Relationships

"Achieve Unprecedented Success: Unlock the Power of Executive Emotional Mastery!"

 Executive Communication Hub

"Unlock the Power of Executive Communication: Take Charge of Your Career Success!"

It is the responsibility of the executive to ensure that communication is concise and clear so that everyone in the organization understands the message. With effective executive communication, organizations can more easily achieve their goals and objectives.

3-Day Smart Speak Model 

Self Awareness Blueprint

Communication Impact Blueprint

Presentation Skills


People Rapport Blueprint

Wellness Program using Smile 

Work-life Integration

30 Day Challenge Smart Speak Mastery Techniques 

People Conflict Mastery 

Advanced Presentations Mastery 

Mindfulness & Charisma 

90 –Day Challenge through1-2-1/Group Coaching 

Personal Change Challenge 

Mindset Challenge 

About Executive Communication Hub

The Charismatic Leadership Community is an exclusive hive for executives and professionals to keep up with the latest trends in communication. It provides access to best practices, insights, and strategies from leading professionals, top experts, and thought leaders on communication. It provides a comprehensive understanding of state of the art approaches to stay always ahead of the curve. Ultimately, Charismatic LeadershipCommunity provides a comprehensive suite of tools and techniques to help executives and other professionals become more effective communicators. Through the Toastmaster techniques, Advance NLP, Vipassana meditation and mindfulness techniques, Charismatic Leadership Community provides executives and other professionals with the knowledge and skills to become successful communicators in any setting.

Sumitra Manamohan

Executive Communication & Presenter Coach

 Executive Communication Hub

"Master the Art of Executive Communication and Unlock Your Infinite Potential!"

To master this art, you must be able to clearly communicate your vision and goals to motivate others, create trust and inspire action. With practice and dedication, anyone can learn this skill and unlock their Infinite potential.


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  • “A key to being an effective lawyer is to have good communication skills. As a lawyer, one must be able to articulate one's thoughts and be able to present them in a way that people can understand. Speak2win most definately helped me with that in addition to make me a very confident public speaker and most importantly a good listener.” 

    Mihika Hegde


  • I attended Speak to Win program conducted by Sumitra Ma’am. The program gave me not only the confidence for public speaking but also sharpened my skills. Sumitra Ma’am has a lot of experience in public speaking and she is very humble human being. I thank her for all the support she provided me over the years on my communication skills. 

    Kumar Gaurav

    Lead,Customer success Consulting@Mindtree

  • Sumitra Manamohan is a great mentor. She understood my requirement quickly and she has played a major role in building my confidence and personality. She always encouraged me to take up roles and responsibilities which helped me lead my club as President. I really enjoyed my mentorship period with Sumitra Manamohan. 

    Sreejith K

    Operations Head, Live Labs

  • I am truly awakened by the experience gained through coaching by Ms. Sumitra mam" She uses a technique that really suits and applicable as professional working in corporate setting. The program was very fun and interesting! It increases my knowledge on different aspect of communication. There are many tips that I used to neglect, and I think it unlocked new strength in my communication

    Amit Kumar

    Program Manager, Mercedes-Benz Research & Development India

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3-day Smart Speak Model 

Self Awareness 

Communication Impact

Presentation Skills

People Rapport

Corporate Wellness

Work-life Integration


Inner Circle Vault

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Everything in Silver

30 Day Challenge Smart Speak Mastery 

People Conflict

Advanced Presentations

Mindfulness & Charisma 

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Personal Change Challenge 

Mindset Challenge 

Private Network Access

Mentorship Support

Executive Communication Certification

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On Site Training in any specific sill required as mentioned in all three levels for breakthroughs in these areas or in advanced levels.

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